Header Content-type

Content-Type. This header indicates the "mime-type" of the document. The browser then decides how to interpret the contents based on this. For example, an html page (or a PHP script with html output) may return this: Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 "text" is the type and "html" is the subtype of the document. The header can also contain.

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The Content-Type Header Explained (with examples) | Web Development TutorialThis header is added to request and response headers since HTTP 1.0. You can manipulate the way the server will interpret the request by setting Content-Type in request headers.

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When a server sends a document to a user agent (eg. a browser) it also sends information in the Content-Type field of the accompanying HTTP header about what type of data format this is.

Content-Type – The content type header tells the client or server what format the data is being transferred in. If the client asked for text/html and the server handled it properly the data should come back with the Content-Type: text/html header. This header is how your browser knows when to render the html vs just displaying raw text. This is.

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Accept. The Accept request HTTP header advertises which content types, expressed as MIME types, the client is able to understand. Using content negotiation, the server then selects one of the proposals, uses it and informs the client of its choice with the Content-Type response header.